[R] Win upgrade pb (virus)

Mario Valle mvalle at cscs.ch
Sat Nov 12 09:09:32 CET 2011

Thanks to all that responded privately!
If you have AVG and needs the colorspace (or ggplot2) package do the 
following from a suitably privileged account:

1) Open AVG gui and select Components->Anti virus from the menu
2) Click "Advanced settings..." and then go to "Temporary disable AVG 
protection" Here you need half a million clicks to disable protection 
for 10 min
3) Install colorspace package from R (I installed ggplot2 that installs 
4) Go to the user library and note the path to the colorspace.dll . In 
my case it is:
(SHIFT-click and then "Copy as path" is handy)
5) In the open AVG window click "Manage Exceptions" then Add File and 
add the path above
6) On the main AVG gui there is a big button that reenables protection. 
Voilà, no more problems.

Thanks again!

On 11-Nov-11 11:34, Mario Valle wrote:
> I just upgraded my Win7 32bits installation to 2.14.0 after 
> deinstalling 2.12.x
> First thing I moved the win-library from 2.12 to 2.14 and executed a 
> update.packages(ask='graphics',checkBuilt=TRUE)
> (Swiss mirror).
> This aborts with the console message:
> Error in if (any(diff)) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
> And the antivirus (AVG) pops up complaining that colorspace.dll 
> contains the virus Win32/Heur
> I cannot ignore the thread because update.packages has already crashed 
> when I can reach the antivirus dialogbox to push the "ignore" button.
> To continue I had to remove the colorspace and ggplot2 packages.
> Is it a known problem? What else can I do (except removing the above 
> packages or changing antivirus)?
> Thanks!
>                             mario

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