[R] R development master class: NYC, Dec 12-13

Hadley Wickham hadley at rice.edu
Sun Nov 13 20:41:36 CET 2011

> No seriously, as much as I'm for free enterprise, it feels awkward to
> see you promote an (expensive!) course in a list where people offer not
> only their knowledge, but also the tools you use, for free.

You might have a point if I taught this course instead of offering
knowledge and code for free, but I do it as well.  Over the years I
have contributed thousands of answers on R-help and hundreds on
stackoverflow. I've written dozens of open-source packages and look
after several R related mailing lists. I make pre-prints of all my
papers available for free, I release all my lecture notes under
creative commons licenses and I'm a supporting benefactor of the R
foundation (or at least I've submitted the paperwork, I'm not yet
listed on the site). What more do you want?!

Some of the money I earn from these courses goes to pay for my summer
salary and supports student research. It also gives me confidence that
if I don't get tenure because I've been writing R packages instead of
papers, I can keep doing the work I love.


Assistant Professor / Dobelman Family Junior Chair
Department of Statistics / Rice University

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