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On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 5:15 PM, sluedtke <sluedtke at gfz-potsdam.de> wrote:
> Dear List,
> I am struggling with the trellis graphic. A similar problem was mentioned
> here:
> http://r.789695.n4.nabble.com/R-How-can-you-get-N-replicates-of-a-multi-screen-multivariate-time-series-plot-td811850.html
> I do have 2 time series data sets. The 2 time series differ in some orders
> of magnitude. I managed to plot them into 1 graph, but, since the data is
> that different, on of the data set appears as a line only, well almost. So I
> would need to set a second y axis before, that is scaled to the second data
> set.
> I know how to do it with the usual plot.window routine or something similar,
> but not with the trellis graphic of the "lattice" package.

xyplot.zoo in the zoo package is a version of lattice's xyplot
specialized to work with time series.  See the help file and also the
examples in it.

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