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Thu Mar 8 17:45:29 CET 2012

Hello everyone:
                            I'm a new member of this group.
                            Following the question(2) of Amit Patel-7,
                            I know "oneway.test" has the option of
                            Maybe it's can be the answer of this question!
                            But, I have a question about "oneway.test",
                            How can I get "SS", and "MS" information from
                            R code and the results are as follows. 
                            Thank you very much.  :)

> anova(lm(BackCalac~factor(Assay),data=Control))
Analysis of Variance Table

Response: BackCalac
                      Df  Sum Sq Mean Sq F value    Pr(>F)    
factor(Assay)  4 270.846  67.711  56.219 1.345e-10 ***
Residuals     20  24.088   1.204                      

> oneway.test(BackCalac~factor(Assay), var.equal=T,data=Control)

        One-way analysis of means

data:  BackCalac and factor(Assay) 
F = 56.2191, num df = 4, denom df = 20, p-value = 1.345e-10

> oneway.test(BackCalac~factor(Assay), var.equal=F,data=Control)

        One-way analysis of means (not assuming equal variances)

data:  BackCalac and factor(Assay) 
F = 92.8834, num df = 4.000, denom df = 9.625, p-value = 1.165e-07

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