[R] Recommendations regarding textbooks

richard willey richard.willey at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 13:17:27 CET 2012


I was hoping to get some advice regarding teaching R in an academic environment.

What are the best choices with respect to textbooks?

When this question was asked a few years back, people were primarily
recommending “Modern Applied Statistics with S” and “Introductory
Statistics with R” as two good choices.  I’ve also heard some good
thinks regarding “An R Companion to Applied Regression”.

Has anything else really good come along in recent years?

Alternatively, are there any really good companion textbooks / lab
manuals to accompany standard texts?

Thanks in advance,


I think back to the halcyon dates of my youth, when indeterminate
Hessians had something to do with the Revolutionary War, where
conjugate priors were monks who had broken their vows, and the
expression (X'X)^-1(X'Y) was greek

Those were simpler times

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