[R] Is it there any std pattern in R which show same representation style of ppt found on net

Michael Bibo michael_bibo at health.qld.gov.au
Sat Mar 31 11:13:34 CEST 2012

sagarnikam123 <sagarnikam123 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> i m searching on net,material related to R,
> whenever i get ppt presentation of some topic ,i found it in speical format
> white backgroud & blue bars,having links for further topics
> see link
> 1) https://www.rmetrics.org/files/Meielisalp2007/Presentations/Pfaff.pdf
> 2)http://grapevine.com.au/~yanchang/docs/Time-Series-Mining-slides.pdf
> If this is format,how can i made it,if i want to give my R codes
> presentation with your std style
> is there any software to make it
As your links show, these are PDFs, not MSPowerpoint .ppt files.  Powerpoint is
only one way to do presentations (there is always LibreOffice if you want more
or less the same functionality for free).

I think you will find that your examples are created with Latex, using the
Beamer class (Google both Latex and Beamer, also

You might also like to have a look at http://www.lyx.org/ as an alternative
front-end for Latex, and http://impressive.sourceforge.net/ for displaying
presentations in PDF form.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bibo
Queensland Health

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