[R] PFIM 3.2

Pieter Schoonees schoonees at ese.eur.nl
Sun Oct 14 19:29:42 CEST 2012

I am not sure exactly what errors you are getting, but here are some comments.

It is good practice to initialize a vector to the total length that you will require instead of changing the dimension each time you substitute a value. I.e. use something like 

deter <- rep(NA, length(true.dose) )

instead of deter = c().

Do not put the source() statements inside the loop except when values in them change after each iteration.

You need to close the bracket, i.e. ),  as in 

for (i in 1:length(true.dose))

You are sure that PFIM() only uses its defaults? I am not familiar with the function so I can't comment on its use.

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> Dear R-user,
> I'm having some difficulty with working PFIM 3.2, a package for implementing
> population PK/PD in R. I wish to evaluate the determinant of Fisher
> information matrix each time with successive dose from a pre defined
> sequence of doses and want to store those values in a vector. It's important
> to note that in my 'stdin.r' file, dose<-c(u) and each time u is to be replaced
> as I said. I think a quick look on the following R codes will give a more clearer
> picture of the objective:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------
> directory<-"F:\\PFIM3.2_examples\\experiment"  # working directory
> directory.program<-"F:\\PFIM3.2.2\\PFIM3.2.2\\PFIM3.2.2\\Program"  #
> program directory
> true.dose<-seq(0,10,0.5) # predefined sequence of doses
> deter=c()   # to store determinant values
> for (i in 1:length(true.dose)  {
> u<-true.dose[i]
> source("F:\\PFIM3.2.2\\PFIM3.2.2\\PFIM3.2.2\\Program\\LibraryPK.r")
> source("F:\\PFIM3.2_examples\\experiment\\model.r")
> source("F:\\PFIM3.2_examples\\experiment\\stdin.r")
> source("F:\\PFIM3.2_examples\\experiment\\PFIM3.2.r")
> res<-PFIM()
> deter[i]<-res$determinant
> }
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------
> But it's not working anyway and of course showing some error messages.
> I have attached the the associated files.
> Any suggestion in this regard will help me a lot.
> Thank you very much for the patience!
> Regards,
> Jamil.

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