[R] Modifying Package Data

MacQueen, Don macqueen1 at llnl.gov
Wed Feb 6 21:34:01 CET 2013

My sense is that even if this were possible (which I doubt), it would be
outside the scope of what would be considered appropriate in R (assuming I
understand the question). After all, it's someone else's package, theirs
to control and maintain, etc. What if it's an installation of R on a
multi-user platform, and other users might use the same package but not
want the modified data?

I would likely save the modified data frame with a slightly different
name, arrange some way to make it easily available, and then just use it,
rather than the original. There are various ways to make it readily

If I always wanted the data to be available when I load the package, what
I might do is download the source package, make a copy of it, modify the
data object in the copy, rename the package (slightly), then build and
install it. Then I would just load the modified package instead of the


Don MacQueen

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On 2/4/13 11:37 AM, "Rich Shepard" <rshepard at appl-ecosys.com> wrote:

>   The bio.infer package contains a data frame
>/usr/lib/R/library/bio.infer/data/itis.ttable.rda that needs to be
>After loading the bio.infer package and attaching the data frame with the
>data() function, I wrote the data frame to a text file.
>   After adding another row to the data frame I applied read.table() to
>create a data frame, but it's in my pwd, not the R library data
>for the bio.infer package.
>   What is the R function to copy/save/write either the text file or the
>local copy of itis.ttable to
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