[R] help on plotting series with different x-axis values on a graph with one x-axis

Eike Marie Thaysen emth at kt.dtu.dk
Sat Feb 9 13:52:32 CET 2013

I have run into this problem a couple of times now and hope you can help!

If I want to plot  mulitiple series with differing x-axis values (however, all in the same range) in 1 plot with one common axis R obstruses the plots.

E.g. if I plot water content against time and I start with the sampler at 5 cm depth, it plots that one right.
But the next depth, 15 cm, is measured at slightly different time intervals  and so R will not plot the series correctly.
Reading in the data using  “ stringsAsFactors=FALSE” helps, but the lines are still plottet in an akward fashion (edgy) , see attached image.
Hope you can help!

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