[R] repeated measures anova

Robert Douglas Kinley kinley_robert at lilly.com
Mon Feb 18 11:53:03 CET 2013


I'm having difficulty working out how to get what I think is the appropriate partitioning of variability in a repeated measures setup.

I have G=5 treatment-groups, each containing n=6 subjects, and a response is measured on each subject on  t=4 occasions.

I think the anova degrees of freedom should partition as follows - 

Between-subjects:   G*n-1=29
   [ between-groups: g-1 = 4 ,  
     between-subjects residual G*(n-1) = 25 ]

Within-subjects:   G*n*(t-1)=90
   [ between-occasions t-1=3  ,  
     occasion:group interaction (G-1)*(t-1) = 12 , 
     within-subject residual G*(n-1)*(t-1)=75 ]

What's the best way to tackle this analysis in R * ?

Hope you can help

      cheers              Bob Kinley

*[ R 2.15.2 , windows xp ]


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