[R] Help reshaping a dataset with multiple tuples per row

arun smartpink111 at yahoo.com
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Try this:
dat1<- read.table(text="
Patient  Treatment Outcome  Advice Treatment  Outcome  Advice
P1        T1              O1          A1        T2            O2          A2

row.names(res)<- 1:nrow(res)
 res<- res[,-c(2,6)]
 # Patient Treatment Outcome Advice
#1      P1        T1      O1     A1
#2      P1        T2      O2     A2


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I have a dataset which contains several multi-column measurement sets per row. 
Col 1 identifies patient:

Col1        Col2            Col3          Col 4    Col 5             Col 6       Col7   ...
Patient   Treatment  Outcome  Advice  Treatment  Outcome  Advice
"P1"         "T1"              "O1"          "A1"        "T2"            "O2"          "A2"

Please advise a reshape strategy to generate an output frame with a single measurement per row, e.g.,

Col1        Col2          Col3        Col4
Patient  Treatment Outcome Advice
"P1"         "T1"              "O1"          "A1" 
"P1"         "T2"              "O2"          "A2"
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