[R] Package check using --as-cran

Marc Girondot marc_grt at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 3 18:32:30 CET 2013

Le 03/01/13 10:33, Stefan Evert a écrit :
>>>> >>>sh: de: command not found
>>>> >>>ERREUR : loading failed for ‘i386’, ‘x86_64’
>>>> >>>* removing ‘/Users/marcgirondot/Documents/Espace de travail
>>>> >>>R/Phenology/Source fit/Phenology Package/phenology.Rcheck/phenology’
> Looks to me like it might be an issue with whitespace in the directory path.  In particular, "de" is the first word component after a blank above (in "Espace de travail R").
Thanks a lot. You have the solution !

If I replace the spaces with _, all is working.

However it works fine with the spaces if the check is done without the 
--as-cran option. Confusing !

Thanks a lot for your help,


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