[R] Problem with inconsolata font (again) --- on Fedora 17 this time.

Rolf Turner rolf.turner at xtra.co.nz
Fri Jan 11 02:50:03 CET 2013

Some while ago I posted a problem on this list concerning a failure of
R CMD check on one of my packages that resulted from LaTeX being
unable to find the "inconsolata" font.  This was under the Ubuntu OS.

This was solved, thanks to advice I got from this list, basically by

     sudo apt-get install texlive-fonts-extra

I am now (for reasons which I won't go into) running Fedora 17, on a
different computer.  Now LaTeX cannot find the necessary inconsolata.sty

I googled around a bit, and an item I found led me to check whether I
actually had texlive installed on my (new) system.  I hadn't!!!  So I did

     sudo yum install texlive

and that seemed to work.  But then the item I'd found indicated that I
should do

     sudo yum install texlive-inconsolata, texlive-inconsolata-font

But I got:

> No package texlive-inconsolata, available.
> No package texlive-inconsolata-font available.

I also tried

     sudo yum install texlive-fonts-extra

with a similar result.

Can anyone give me a simple recipe as to how to get the inconsolata font
and the associated inconsolata.sty?



         Rolf Turner

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