[R] Which df to extract from ANCOVA model

Johannes Radinger johannesradinger at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 11:08:12 CET 2013


I am running an ANCOVA model like:

aov(Y ~ Var1 + Var2 + Var3 + Var4 + CoVar1 + CoVar2)

where Y is the response (metric, 1.0-1000.0), VarX are all
metric predictors, and CoVarX are two Covariates each a
factor of 4-5 levels.

So far as I can remember results of an ANCOVA for a Covariate
of interest (e.g. CoVar1) are given as e.g. (ANCOVA Fx,y = 2.72,
P-value = 0.01).
But which degrees of freedom (df) are usually reported together with
an F-value (x and y?)? Which df do I need to extract from the model
resp the model summary?

best regards,


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