[R] boxplot with grouped variables

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You can't mix number and character data in a data frame column, so you will probably find that all your variables are factors, not numbers. Try, for example

It looks like you failed to specify 'header=TRUE' in a read.table statement. Reread the data with headers properly treated so that those first items become the variable names.

In additon, Daten$V2[Daten$V3=="m"]) will only give you data for rows in which V3=="m", which will be a single boxplot. (see ?"[" for what that subsetting operation does). To plot all combinations ( if V2 were correctly numeric) you could try
boxplot(V2~V1+V3, data=Daten)

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my dataset looked like this in the beginning:

      V1      V2         V3
1  Dosis Gewicht Geschlecht
2      0    6.62          m
3      0    6.65          m
4      0    5.78          m
5      0    5.63          m

I need box plots for V2 with all combination of V1 and V3, so I deleted the
first row, and tried this:
but it does not work and I have no clue what I did wrong.
I'm thankful for any help!

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