[R] mosaic plot (vcd)

Vanessa Vetter V.Vetter at gmx.de
Wed May 15 19:32:15 CEST 2013

   Hello everyone,
   is there a way to increase the distance between the legend label of the
   Pearson residuals and the bar, which shows the color of the residuals, in
   the mosaic plot argument (see picture attached)? The minus signs of the
   negative scale unfortunately run into the bar. They are therefore difficult
   to read.
   I would also like to change both, the color of the residuals as well as the
   "data driven cut-off points for residuals". But so far I could not combine
   the two commands. Is this possible?
   # Colorized with HCL default colors and data driven cut-off points for
   ipol <- function (x) pmin (x / 4, 1)
   mosaic (~ herbivory treatment + + + altitude competition, data = erillm1,
   shade  =  TRUE,  legend  =  TRUE, gp_args = list (interpolate = ipol),
   labeling_args = list (abbreviate_labs = c (herbivory = TRUE)))
   #  Colorized with HCL but color matched and default cut-off points for
   I have now been several papaer to vcd package and strucplot read, but could
   find no information on this.

   Thank you very much for your help!
   Vanessa Vetter
   (Diploma Environmental Sciences, University of Koblenz-Landau)
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