[R] help with 'cem' for r 2.14.2

Kimberley Armstrong kimberley.armstrong at mail.mcgill.ca
Mon May 20 20:18:05 CEST 2013

I am trying to use R for propensity score matching in SPSS.  I have version 21 of SPSS and I downloaded R 2.14.2 as directed as well as the R Essentials plug-in.  I have run a test for R and it appears to be running correctly.  I then downloaded psmatching3 and have tried to use the PS matching dialog in SPSS.  However, I continue to run into problems as SPSS reports that there is no 'cem' file.  I have tried to download cem separately from your website (both the new and the older version) and to install it either in R or as an extension in SPSS but I receive the following errors:

Warning in install.packages(choose.files("", filters = Filters[c("zip",  :
  'lib = "C:/Program Files/R/R-2.14.2/library"' is not writable
Error in install.packages(choose.files("", filters = Filters[c("zip",  : 
  unable to create '~/R/library"' >  $HOME/.Renviron'
In addition: Warning message:
In dir.create(userdir, recursive = TRUE) :
  cannot create dir 'C:\Users\Kimberley\Documents\R\library"' >  $HOME', reason 'Invalid argument'


  FILE='C:\Users\Kimberley\Documents\WB Somalia\R Testing\Bor Ber Sheik Ainabo merged -and hacked - Copy.sav'.
SET SEED = 1234.
Loading required package: MASS
##  MatchIt (Version 2.4-20, built: 2011-10-24)
##  Please refer to http://gking.harvard.edu/matchit for full documentation
##  or help.matchit() for help with commands supported by MatchIt.
Package SparseM (0.97) loaded.
   To cite, see citation("SparseM")

Warning message:
In library(cem, logical.return = TRUE) : there is no package called 'cem'
Installing package(s) into 'C:/Program Files/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/21/extensions'
(as 'lib' is unspecified)
Warning message:
In getDependencies(pkgs, dependencies, available, lib) :
  package 'cem' is not available (for R version 2.14.2)
Error in library(cem) : there is no package called 'cem'
Warning message:
In OK() : No warnings in estimation or matching procedure
Error: could not find function "imbalance"

I would definitely appreciate any suggestions or feedback! 


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