[R] Trouble with pmvnorm?

Paul Parsons pparsons298 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 21:53:15 CET 2014


I have a multivariate normal distribution in five variables. The  
distribution is specified by a vector of means ('means') and a  
variance-covariance matrix ('varcov'), both set up as global variables.

I'm trying to figure out the probabilities of each random variable  
being the smallest.

So I've made a function:


			#create new mv normal dist, conditional on fixing the value of  
element i to x
			sig11 <- varcov[-i,-i]
			sig12 <- varcov[,i]
			sig12 <- sig12[-i]
			sig21 <- varcov[i,]
			sig21 <- sig21[-i]
			sig22 <- varcov[i,i]
			mu1 <- means[-i]
			mu2 <- means[i]

			muBar <- mu1 + sig12*(x-mu2)/sig22
			sigBar <- sig11 - (sig12) %*% t(sig21)/sig22

			#now calculate the probability that variable i takes the value x,
			#and that all other variables are bigger than x...
			arg <- dnorm(x,means[i],sigma[i])
			arg <- arg*pmvnorm(lower=c(x,x,x,x), upper=c(10,10,10,10),  

Then I need to perform a 1-d integration of this function over all  
possible values of x, which gives the total probability of variable i  
being the smallest.

If I use a numerical integration function with explicit looping then  
this works fine. But if I try and use a vectorised integrator (such as  
the 'integrate' function), to improve performance, then I run into the  
following error message:

  Error in checkmvArgs(lower = lower, upper = upper, mean = mean, corr  
= corr,  :
   ‘diag(sigma)’ and ‘lower’ are of different length

checkmvArgs is a function required by pmvnorm, so I'm fairly sure  
that's where the problem lies. diag(sigma) and lower certainly are of  
the same length, so not sure at all what's happening here. Has anyone  
else encountered this issue? And, if so, do you know the solution?

Many thanks

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