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If your command looks something like this:

 > forest(x,xlim=c(-6,7),cex=.8,order="prec", xlab="Effect Size", 
alim=c(-.5,4),mlab="RE Average for All Studies")

In  alim=c(-.5,4), increase the numbers.  Make them higher than your 
highest confidence interval upper bound and lower than your lowest 
confidence interval lower bound. The bars may run into the text, but 
that may be fixed by stretching the output window in R.

Will Shadish

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I have a random effects meta analysis of a proportion (logit 
transformation) using rma.glmm.

I have created a forest plot of the proportion (inverse logic 
transformation) using forest.rma.

I have added the credibility interval.

The forest plot is saved as a pdf.

The dotted line and whiskers of the credibility interval are too faint.

I need help on the argument(s) to widen the credibility interval dots 
and whiskers.

I have looked at the forest.default function, but don?t see anything 
obvious to me.


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