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Like most plotting routines in R, forest has a ... argument that passes names arguments through to other routines.
In forest's case, ... passes (at least) to abline, axis and segments, so all the lines and axes in the plot are affected by any argument that is valid for those.
In your case, specifying lwd=2 in your forest call will give all the lines width 2 instead of the default.

S Ellison

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> Hi,
> I have a random effects meta analysis of a proportion (logit transformation)
> using rma.glmm.
> I have created a forest plot of the proportion (inverse logic transformation)
> using forest.rma.
> I have added the credibility interval.
> The forest plot is saved as a pdf.
> The dotted line and whiskers of the credibility interval are too faint.
> I need help on the argument(s) to widen the credibility interval dots and
> whiskers.
> I have looked at the forest.default function, but don't see anything obvious
> to me.
> Nathan
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