[R] metafor package

Nathan Pace n.l.pace at utah.edu
Thu Feb 13 19:21:31 CET 2014

I appreciate the several replies.

efac = 2 had already been set in the forest call.

Adding lwd = 2 in the forest call has improved the visibility of the
credibility interval.


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>Good advice already from Michael and S Ellison.
>I must apologize for the 'hack-job of a function' called forest() in
>metafor. I realized a while ago that people would prefer more
>fine-grained control over the various elements of the plot (this has come
>up a few times before). I think Paul Murrell described the issue best in
>his R Journal article:
>But it is what it is at this point.
>I noticed the problem with the dotted line of the credibility interval
>myself a while back. In an updated version of the metafor package (to be
>released at some point in the near future), there will at least be the
>possibility to control the color of that line. Maybe also the line type
>(a dotted line is indeed often too faint).
>You can try changing efac=2 (or something larger than 1) to at least make
>the whiskers longer.
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>> At 22:11 11/02/2014, Nathan Pace wrote:
>> >Hi,
>> >
>> >I have a random effects meta analysis of a proportion (logit
>> >transformation) using rma.glmm.
>> >
>> >I have created a forest plot of the proportion (inverse logic
>> >transformation) using forest.rma.
>> >
>> >I have added the credibility interval.
>> >
>> >The forest plot is saved as a pdf.
>> >
>> >The dotted line and whiskers of the credibility interval are too faint.
>> >
>> >I need help on the argument(s) to widen the credibility interval
>> >dots and whiskers.
>> >
>> >I have looked at the forest.default function, but don't see anything
>> >obvious to me.
>> Dear Nathan
>> I think you need to look at forest.rma. There is a fairly obvious
>> section (search for addcred). If worst comes to worst you can always
>> hack it and save as nathansforest.rma.
>> >Nathan
>> >
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