[R] png-generation from script (non-X11 env) now broken?

MacQueen, Don macqueen1 at llnl.gov
Wed Feb 26 17:32:22 CET 2014

This is mostly a guess...

At the end of January, your script succeeded.
Your OS was "built Sun Feb 23 05:14:37 PST 2014."
Your script failed on Feb 26.
You probably had not made any changes to R between the end of January and
Feb 26 (I don't see any mention of having done so, and R does not update
itself -- unless you have some OS level package manager that does it for
you; I wouldn't know about that).

At this point, I'd wonder if the OS update on 2/23 changed come libraries
that R relies on for png graphics. Perhaps you need to rebuild R, so that
it uses the changed/updated OS libraries. Hopefully that OS update did not
completely remove libraries that R depends on for png.


Don MacQueen

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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On 2/25/14 10:36 AM, "David Wolfskill" <r at catwhisker.org> wrote:

>Since ... hmmm.. May 2012, I've had a cron-initiated script running
>monthly to extract some data and generate some numeric tables and
>plots (in PNG format).
>In its "normal" mode, the script automagically sends its results
>to a small handful of managers on the first of each month.  Out of
>self-defense, I set up a "preview" run several days before the real
>one; the preview doesn't go quite as high in the management chain.
>This morning, I found a message in my mailbox from such a preview run:
>| Error in .External2(C_X11, paste("png::", filename, sep = ""), g$width,
> :
>|   unable to start device PNG
>| Calls: gen_build_histogram -> png
>| In addition: Warning message:
>| In png(filename = fn, height = height, width = width, units = "in",  :
>|   unable to open connection to X11 display ''
>| Execution halted
>[This was running R-3.0.2_1 in FreeBSD/amd64 9.2-STABLE
>r262323M/262357:902506, built Sun Feb 23 05:14:37 PST 2014.]
>I admit that I haven't been following changes in R very closely --
>the script had been running reliably for over a year, and it's not
>one of the fires I've been fighting recently.
>But the implication -- that png() was suddenly[1] changed so that it
>requires the ability to connect to an X11 display -- seemed peculiar
>enough that I would have thought a quick search would lead me to soe
>discussion of a change of this magnitude, rationale, and what folks
>might do to mitigate the effects.
>Based on one message I found (from 02 Mar 2008!), I did take a look at
>"help png" output, and saw the reference there to bitmap().  I tried ...
>hacking ... my functions to use "bitmap(fn, ...)" instead of
>"png(filename = fn, ...)", but that looks as if it's leading me astray:
>| Error in strwidth(legend, units = "user", cex = cex, font = text.font)
>|   family 'mono' not included in postscript() device
>| Calls: gen_build_histogram -> legend -> strwidth
>| Execution halted
>So... what's someone who wants to use R to generate PNG-format files
>from an environment that is bereft of X11 to do?
>1: "Suddenly" because it *had* been working up to 01 Feb 2014, at least.
>[I'll be happy to sumamrize responses that aren't sent to the list.]
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