[R] package: RWinEdt question

Mari mari_c1729 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 6 19:34:13 CEST 2014

I just upgraded WinEdt from 5.2 to 8.2. With the older version, invoking library(RWinEdt) started a new instance of WinEdt identified by "R-WinEdt" as the title. This way, I was able to separate R work from other editing work with two instances of WinEdt running.

However, with the newer version of WinEdt, this no longer seems to be the case. If I already have WinEdt running for editing, say tex files, typing library(RWinEdt) in R does not start a new instance of WinEdt.
I guess what I need is to figure out how to supply the argument -c="R-WinEdt" to the WinEdt.exe command when in R.

Thank you for any suggestions.


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