[R] Trying to change a qplot() to a ggplot()+

John McKown john.archie.mckown at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 15:47:55 CEST 2014

I'm trying to change a qplot to a ggplot. The reason is because I want
two plots of the same data. One a bar char, the other a line graph.
What I'm trying:

#MSU_graph_m1b <-

MSU_graph_m1   <-

MSU_graph_m1b  <- MSU_graph_m1+geom_bar();

#MSU_graph_m1l <- qplot(Int_Start,LicPrLsys4HMSU,data=cpprdald2_m1,geom="line");

MSU_graph_m1l  <- MSU_graph_m1+geom_line();

The commented lines are what works. What fails is the first ggplit() like:

> MSU_graph_m1   <- qqplot(cpprdald2_m1,aes(x=Int_Start,y=LicPrLsys4HSMU,colour=System_alias));
Error in as.matrix.data.frame(x) :
  dims [product 9912] do not match the length of object [9923]

cpprdald2_m1 is:
> str(cpprdald2_m1)
'data.frame':   168 obs. of  60 variables:

and Int_Start and LicPrLsys4HSMU are variables in cpprdald2_m1.
Int_Start is a POSIXlt. LicPrLsys4HSMU is a number. I have also tried
with x=as.character(Int_Start) in the aes().

I am using the book "R GRAPHICS COOKBOOK" as my source of examples. I
am obviously oblivious to something.

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