[R] Draw a dendrogram with ROCK clustering (cba package)

Ahreum Lee judyoringe at naver.com
Tue Dec 15 03:06:26 CET 2015

 Dear all. 
Currently, i do clustering analysis with several algorithms in R.  
one of them is ROCK clustering.  
Thanks to "cba" package in R, i could easily analyze with ROCK.
but what I want to see is a dendrogram which could be intuitive to define the number of clusters. 
I tried to find possible functions which could draw a dendrogram within cba packages.
but i couldn't...
Is there any way to draw a dendrogram with ROCK clustering outcome ?  
Any comments would be helpful for me to keep on this research.

Thanks !

All the best, 

Ahreum Lee. 

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