[R] packaging an R-application

Witold E Wolski wewolski at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 22:29:28 CET 2015

Dear List,

What I am seeking advice for is how to best package an R installation
with all the packages required?

I need to deliver an R script which will have quite a bit of package
dependencies, to packages which are not necessarily stable, are not on
cran and might dissapear in the near future. It should be possible to
execute the R-script without any changes during the next 3 years.

What I did look into is packrat. But if I am correct it pulls the
r-packages from cran so if a package was from somewhere else or isn't
available anymore it will fail.

what I have also found is R on an USB stick:

Would this work?

Or is there anything on the lines of pyinstaller
(http://www.pyinstaller.org/) for R?

Thank you

Witold Eryk Wolski

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