[R] Installation of S-Plus 6.2 on Ubuntu 14.04

Kim Pilegaard kipi at kt.dtu.dk
Sat Dec 26 12:17:01 CET 2015

I have many old datasets, scripts and functions written in S-Plus. I want to transfer these to R. Basically, I want to transfer my old chapters (.Data) entirely to R and have tried with dump(…., oldStyle =T). However, this is not very successful; R cannot digest the dump files entirely.

Therefore, I want to install S-Plus 6.2 again under Linux Ubuntu 14.04. I have the license information, and the installation works OK. But S-Plus needs some old libraries like libstdt++, libg2c, and JRE 1.4.0_01, related to linux kernel 2.4 . Re-installing them causes conflicts with my present Linux installation.

Does anyone have a solution to this, or do I need to run S-Plus under an older Linux version such as Redhat 9, which was approved to run S-Plus 6.2?

Alternatively, is there a better way than dump() to transfer chapters from S-Plus to R?

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