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> Hi Gabriel,
> As far as I could recall, there isn't an R package that has explicitly
> implemented "vincentization". You definitively can find some code
> segments/functions that have implemented "vincentize" on the web. But you
> should verify if they do exactly what you wish to do.  If you could look
> at the question from percentile/quantle perspective, it would not take
> you too much time to realise that they are similar.  I would suggest you
> to read, as John Kane suggested, Prof. Ratcliff's 1979 paper.  Another
> paper that may be very helpful is Prof van Zandt's 2000 RT paper.
> However, you should be aware that there are some different implementation
> of "vincentization", and it is debatable, if not problematic, to use it,
> rather than other more general quantile methods. It would help you to
> understand not only how to do vincentization, but also why/why not if you
> could read papers from Jeff Rouder's as well as from Heathcote's and
> Brown's lab.
> Sorry that I hesitate to give you the code, because this looks like part
> of your course works.  It would be more rewarding for you, if you could
> figure out by yourself.
> Yishin
While I agree the exercise is likely to be a good learning experience I don't see this as the equivalent of course work. 

If Gabriel (the OP) was tasked with implementing  "vincentization" in R then, strictly speaking it is course work but if I understand him the requirement is to do his work in R rather than Minitab.  If such a function existed in an existing R package than he could have simply plugged in the numbers et voilà, done.

The tenor of the question did not suggest this and it would require the stats instructor to know that there was no  "vincentization" function anywhere among the, what, a thousand or so packages? And if the OP was working on his own data as part of the course then the instructor might have little or no idea of exactly what functions are needed

The course  strikes me more as an effort to get psychologists away from SPSS which often seems to be the only software package anyone knows.

> Gabriel WEINDEL wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> For my master thesis, I'm currently working in cognitive neuroscience
>> on executive control through measurement of reaction time and I need
>> to get my data 'vincentized' with an exclusive use of R set by my
>> statistic teacher for a test purpose, for this reason I can't use the
>> python code the lab team usually uses.
>> Despite a dozen hours of research I couldn't find any package or
>> R-code which would allow the use of vincentization, that's why I'm
>> querying help on the R forum.
>> So has anyone ever used vincentization in R ?
>> Best regards,
>> --
>> Gabriel Weindel
>> Master student in Neuropsychology - Aix-Marseille University (France)

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