[R] Genetic algorithm workflow Problem..!! Is it right or wrong ??

Rashmi Naik k rashnaikk at gmail.com
Fri May 22 09:09:05 CEST 2015

I'm actually looking for a way to use a genetic algorithm to optimize
product price's in an e-commerce store. and im doing it in R language.

I'm using GA package in r and below is my data set.


    Production.Cost Product.Price Product.Quality Delivery.Time
After.Sales.Service Sellers.Reputation Selling.Price

[1,]        871.1901        879.99         1139.99
895.13             1029.98                  986.2725          1066

[2,]        296.9901        299.99          329.95
329.73              334.99                    323.6650           321

and this is my fitness function

f <-function(x) x * runif(1)
 fitness <-function(x) f(x)
and i have generated a random population

i have used roulette wheel selection


I have Used Single point Crossover


I Don't know whether i'm doing it right or not..!! But i don't know how to
optimize a products price using Genetic algorithm.
Can any body suggest me on this.. and take me to a right direction.

Any Suggestions accepted..!! Please do help me on this

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