[R] dev.new() throws error from command line

Michael Ashton m.ashton at enduringinvestments.com
Fri Mar 18 15:42:13 CET 2016

I am running in Windows 8. I noticed this particular problem running a script in R 2.9.2 from the command line.

I have an r script that I wrote some time ago. It is fairly complicated and does a lot of time-consuming optimizations, following which it populates a SQL database with the results. The whole thing takes maybe 10-15 minutes to run.

Because it takes a while to run, I have it automatically kicking off in the early morning using a command-line instruction from System Scheduler.

The script ran fine for a long time...actually, for a few years. Recently, it started to run but kill out at one point. When I run it from a new R session, manually pasting in the script, it runs fine.

After some elementary debugging I discovered that the error is happening when I call dev.new() . Again, this never had a problem before, and it doesn't have a problem when run in the R window, but when the script is run in the command line it throws this error:

"no suitable unused file name for pdf()"

No idea what this means as I'm not calling a pdf device...unless somehow when it's command-line R assumes you don't want a window but a pdf. If that's the case I still can't figure out why there's suddenly a problem finding "unused file names."

Any suggestions would be welcome!



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