[R] Problems installing docopt

Neale Ferguson neale at sinenomine.net
Thu Mar 24 15:32:53 CET 2016

The problem was that this was in a Docker container which is based on a
strip down base image. While I had restored glibc-common and its locale
information, there was still stuff removed from glibc that was required.
Reinstalled it and building cleanly.

Thanks, Neale

On 3/23/16, 11:53 PM, +ACI-David Winsemius+ACI- +ADw-dwinsemius+AEA-comcast.net+AD4- wrote:

+AD4APg- On Mar 23, 2016, at 2:48 PM, Neale Ferguson +ADw-neale+AEA-sinenomine.net+AD4-
+AD4APg- Hi,
+AD4APg- I+ALk-ve seen similar questions when googling this problem but none of them
+AD4APg- seem directly related to what I am seeing. Doing an install.r docopt
+AD4APg- out with stringi build complaining:
+AD4APg- Error in iconv(x, +ACI-latin1+ACI-, +ACI-ASCII+ACI-) :
+AD4APg-   unsupported conversion from 'latin1' to 'ASCII'

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