[R] Export the result k-means cluster to CSV file

S Ellison S.Ellison at LGCGroup.com
Thu Mar 24 18:49:49 CET 2016

> Hello Everyone : i have  done the clustering  process by k-means cluster, then i
> try to save[Export ] the groups of clustering, to txt, or CSV files , how i can do
> that 

Depends what you want.
You can save the whole object for reloading using save()

The cluster members can be written to text files using write(cl$cluster, file="<some file name>").
The whole thing can be written, without names, using something like

lapply(cl, write, file="cluster.txt", append=TRUE)
#Using cl from the first example in ?kmeans

If you need sensible breaks and names in the file, you'll have to roll your own alternative write routines. For example

Write <- function(NN, x, filename="cluster.txt", ...) {
	write(NN, filename, append=TRUE, ...)
	write(x[[NN]], filename, append=TRUE, ...)
	cat("\n", file=filename, append=TRUE, ...)

lapply(names(cl), Write, x=cl, filename="myclust.txt")

(Ignore the NULLs returned)

Anything more structured than that and you'll have to write a write.kmeans replacement for write that structures the results as you need them later.

S Ellison

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