[R] Export the result k-means cluster to CSV file

S Ellison S.Ellison at LGCGroup.com
Tue Mar 29 19:04:05 CEST 2016

> i am confusing about your code , i can not get the  the desired result . can you
> more clear for the code?
The code I suggested just  provided a structured text output of the kmeans object.

If you want a cluster-by-cluster output of the original data, you will need to write a function that does what you want for each cluster. For example you could write a function that would take a cluster index as the first argument, the kmeans object as a second argument, and the original data as the third. Then you can use something like lapply to apply that function to each subset of your data.

For example, again using the example in kmeans, a simple list of the cluster coordinate sets can be obtained using 
by.index <- function(index, km, x) {
	x[km$cluster==index, ] #returns the subset of original data in cluster (index)

lapply(unique(cl$cluster), by.index, km=cl, x=x)
	#cl was the kmeans object generated from the data set x used in the example
	#Using unique(cl$cluster) means that all the clusters identified in the kmeans object are included in the list

This generates a list, identified by cluster index number, that contains the coordinates for each cluster. If you assign that list to an object you can then write a separate function to format and write out the coordinates and use lapply to run that on the list. Or you can include formatted write calls in the by.index function, writing to a file as before.

S Ellison

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