[R] What are some toy models I can use in R?

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Wed May 25 19:13:04 CEST 2016

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> My data come from statistical model N(5, 2), with n=100, call this model_1
> Then, I add bias to that data with N(3, 1), with n=100, call this model_2
Do you mean you have data from N(5,2) that has had data from N(3,1) added to it, or that you have two different sets of data?
Or do you mean that you want to know how to generate such data?

> Ultimately, I want to see model_1+ model_2 gives good prediction 
If you generate random data correctly following a model, the model will indeed predict the data pretty well. But under those circumstances it seems redundant to ask the question. Were you thinking of fitting a (possibly different) model to the data at some point ?  If so, what model would you want to fit? And what would you want to predict from it?

> or perhaps parameter estimation.
What parameters do you want to estimate?

> I think this is a pretty standard statistical analysis problem?
Unclear on that at present. See above.

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