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David L Carlson dcarlson at tamu.edu
Thu Nov 17 16:04:45 CET 2016

This should work. First create some reproducible data:

> set.seed(42)
> temp.matrix <- matrix(rnorm(255*13), 255, 13)

Then you need to send each row to t.test() using apply() extracting the statistic with [[1]]:

> result <- apply(temp.matrix, 1, function(x) (t.test(x[3:7], x[8:12], paired=TRUE)[[1]]))
> str(result)
 num [1:255] -0.195 0.307 1.214 2.221 0.633 ...
> quantile(result)
         0%         25%         50%         75%        100% 
-3.39194814 -0.80146023  0.02383907  0.71836716  5.88806695

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Hello everybody,

I am a student at Unibas and I am trying to run a two sample t-test on a matrix which is a
255*13 matrix (see attachment). I want to run the t-test, row-wise, with the
columns 3:7 being a part of the first group and columns
8-12 being a part of the second group.

I tried running something like (temp.matrix being my 255*13


or somthing like

so as to only capture the t-value alone and

and I get a result for the whole matrix instead of a row-wise

I really hope you can help me



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