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Cleber N.Borges klebyn at yahoo.com.br
Fri Nov 18 00:12:17 CET 2016

Hi Dan
Were you able to find a way to access the % S values ??

Do you have any examples of how this works?

Thank you for your attention.

Em 25/01/2016 08:21, peter dalgaard escreveu:
> It's been so long that I have forgotten how to get the package with the table widget installed on OSX, so I cannot check things for you. However, the canonical way to handle %S type arguments is to pass them as formal arguments to the callback, e.g.
>> .Tcl.callback(function(x,y)x+y)
> [1] "R_call 0x7f9a34806ca0 %x %y"
> so I would assume that you should just define your
> CellValidation <- function(S){....}
> and then just access S as a variable inside the function.
> As far as I remember, this only works at entry completion, though. That does sort of make sense since not every prefix of a valid entry is valid ("1e-2" is a double, "1e-" is not). If you want to actually disable certain keys during entry, then you have a larger task on your hand.
> -pd
> On 22 Jan 2016, at 21:25 , Dalthorp, Daniel <ddalthorp at usgs.gov> wrote:
>> I'd like to allow users to edit data in tcltk tables and to use vcmd to
>> validate data entry, e.g., not allowing non-numbers to be entered in
>> numeric cells and not allowing '\n' to be entered in text cells.
>> The problem is that I can't figure out how to "see" their data entry before
>> it is entered, although it looks like %S can be somehow used in vcmd to get
>> this information.
>> Example: to disallow '\n' to be entered into a cell in an editable table:
>> require(tcltk2)
>> tt<-tktoplevel(); tfr<-tkframe(tt); tkgrid(tfr)
>> tableData<-tclArray()
>> tableData[[0,0]]<-"junk"
>> CellValidation<-function(){
>> ## http://www.tcl.tk/community/hobbs/tcl/capp/tkTable/tkTable.html says:
>> ## *%S* For *ValidateCommand*, it is the potential new value of the cell
>> being validated.
>> ## which is exactly what I want, but I can't figure out how to do that.
>> ## The following allows one bad character and then disallows further edits
>>   testval<-tclvalue(tcl(table1,"curvalue"))
>>   if (length(grep("\n",testval))>0)  return(tcl("expr", FALSE))  else
>> return(tcl("expr", TRUE))
>> }
>> table1<<-tk2table(tfr,
>>   rows=1,cols=1,
>>   selectmode="extended",
>>   variable=tableData,
>>   validate=T,
>>   vcmd=CellValidation
>> )
>> tcl(table1,"tag","configure", "active", fg='black',bg=colors()[411])
>> tkgrid(table1)
>> How can I get the %S value rather than the tcl(table1,"curvalue")?
>> Much thanks for any help.
>> -Dan

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