[R] Replying to replies in the forum

Tunga Kantarcı tungakantarci at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 18:41:39 CEST 2017

OK I cannot figure this out clearly in the guidelines of posting. When
I reply to a message I should out "Re:" in front of the subject line
of the original post. So if the subject line of the original post it
is "this is a post", then I should use "Re: this is a post" in the
subject line, for my reply to appear under the original post, and not
in the forum as a new message.

But then I cannot figure out what subject line I should use to reply
to a given reply. That is, suppose the original subject line is "this
is a post" and there are replies under the post, and that I want to
reply to one of the replies. How I specify in the subject line so that
my reply appears under the reply of a certain person? Or do I have to
use the reply features of gmail?

Meanwhile, why the guidelines is implicit about this?

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