[R] difference metric info of same font on different device

Jinsong Zhao jszhao at yeah.net
Fri Apr 7 10:05:45 CEST 2017

Hi there,

I try to plot with custom fonts, which have good shape Latin and CJK 
characters. I set up all the fonts correctly. However, when I plot the 
same code on png() and postscript(), I get different result. The main 
problem is the space between characters is narrower in postscript() than 
that in png(), and some character also overlap in postscript().  You can 
see the differences from the attached png files.

Is there any way to get the same plot using postscript() and png()? 
Thanks in advance.


The code I used is here:

windowsFonts(song = windowsFont("SourceHanSerifSC-Regular"),
              hei  = windowsFont("SourceHanSansSC-Regular"),
              hwhei  = windowsFont("SourceHanSansHWSC-Regular"),
              fzsong  = windowsFont("FZShuSong-Z01"),
              fzhei = windowsFont("FZHei-B01"))

postscriptFonts(song = CIDFont("SourceHanSerifSC-Regular", 
"UniSourceHanSerifCN-UTF8-H", "UTF-8", ""),
                 hei  = CIDFont("SourceHanSansSC-Regular", 
"UniSourceHanSansCN-UTF8-H", "UTF-8", ""),
                 hwhei  = CIDFont("SourceHanSansHWSC-Regular", 
"UniSourceHanSansHWCN-UTF8-H", "UTF-8", ""),
                 fzsong  = CIDFont("FZShuSong-Z01",    "GBK-EUC-H", 
"GBK", ""),
                 fzhei = CIDFont("FZHei-B01", "GBK-EUC-H", "GBK", ""))

fa <- c("sans", "serif", "song", "hei", "hwhei", "fzsong", "fzhei")

postscript("font.eps", fonts = fa, onefile = FALSE, width = 4, height = 
4, horizontal = FALSE)

#png("font.png", width=4*300, height=4*300, res =300)

text(1, -0.75, expression(CO[2]-Hei), family = "hei")
text(1, -0.5, expression(CO[2]-HWHei), family = "hwhei")
text(1, -0.25, expression(CO[2]-FZHei), family = "fzhei")
text(1, 0.0, expression(CO[2]-Sans), family = "sans")
text(1, 0.25, expression(CO[2]-FZSong), family = "fzsong")
text(1, 0.5, expression(CO[2]-Song), family = "song")
text(1, 0.75, expression(CO[2]-Serif), family = "serif")

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