[R] difference metric info of same font on different device

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.ca.us
Fri Apr 7 17:13:26 CEST 2017

I think it is a fundamental characteristic of graphics drivers that output will look different in the details... you are on a wild goose chase. Postscript in particular has a huge advantage in font presentation over other graphics output mechanisms. 
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On April 7, 2017 1:05:45 AM PDT, Jinsong Zhao <jszhao at yeah.net> wrote:
>Hi there,
>I try to plot with custom fonts, which have good shape Latin and CJK 
>characters. I set up all the fonts correctly. However, when I plot the 
>same code on png() and postscript(), I get different result. The main 
>problem is the space between characters is narrower in postscript()
>that in png(), and some character also overlap in postscript().  You
>see the differences from the attached png files.
>Is there any way to get the same plot using postscript() and png()? 
>Thanks in advance.
>The code I used is here:
>windowsFonts(song = windowsFont("SourceHanSerifSC-Regular"),
>              hei  = windowsFont("SourceHanSansSC-Regular"),
>              hwhei  = windowsFont("SourceHanSansHWSC-Regular"),
>              fzsong  = windowsFont("FZShuSong-Z01"),
>              fzhei = windowsFont("FZHei-B01"))
>postscriptFonts(song = CIDFont("SourceHanSerifSC-Regular", 
>"UniSourceHanSerifCN-UTF8-H", "UTF-8", ""),
>                 hei  = CIDFont("SourceHanSansSC-Regular", 
>"UniSourceHanSansCN-UTF8-H", "UTF-8", ""),
>                 hwhei  = CIDFont("SourceHanSansHWSC-Regular", 
>"UniSourceHanSansHWCN-UTF8-H", "UTF-8", ""),
>                 fzsong  = CIDFont("FZShuSong-Z01",    "GBK-EUC-H", 
>"GBK", ""),
>                 fzhei = CIDFont("FZHei-B01", "GBK-EUC-H", "GBK", ""))
>fa <- c("sans", "serif", "song", "hei", "hwhei", "fzsong", "fzhei")
>postscript("font.eps", fonts = fa, onefile = FALSE, width = 4, height =
>4, horizontal = FALSE)
>#png("font.png", width=4*300, height=4*300, res =300)
>text(1, -0.75, expression(CO[2]-Hei), family = "hei")
>text(1, -0.5, expression(CO[2]-HWHei), family = "hwhei")
>text(1, -0.25, expression(CO[2]-FZHei), family = "fzhei")
>text(1, 0.0, expression(CO[2]-Sans), family = "sans")
>text(1, 0.25, expression(CO[2]-FZSong), family = "fzsong")
>text(1, 0.5, expression(CO[2]-Song), family = "song")
>text(1, 0.75, expression(CO[2]-Serif), family = "serif")

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