[R] CRAN package submission failed on solaris : timezone problem

Servet Ahmet Çizmeli Servet.Ahmet.Cizmeli at USherbrooke.ca
Wed Apr 12 14:17:57 CEST 2017


Hi everyone 

I just submitted my new package to CRAN. All checks passed on all
platforms, except one in solaris : 

as(df2, "Spectra") 

Error: tz1.set == tz2.set is not TRUE 

More details on :

In this package I defined an S4 class named "Spectra" that provides a
slot with xts object and another slot with a POSIXct object. Example of
the setAs method fails while I coerce a data.frame to Spectra. 

I tried to replicate the problem on my ubuntu-windows-mac machines and
no luck. I then created a solaris virtual machine and installed
everything, I still cannot replicate the error. All checks pass on the
VM too. 

Searching this list gave nothing. When I google the error message
"Error: tz1.set == tz2.set is not TRUE", my package name comes first...
which leads me to think that not that many people already had a similar
problem. I also changed the timezone of the solaris VM to an arbitrary
timezone. No luck. 

I am at loss. I can't replicate the problem that occurred in CRAN's
solaris servers. 

Can you please help me? 



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