[R] question about the anova() function for deviance analysis

Sophie Dubois sophie.dubois at anastats.fr
Sun Apr 16 15:46:52 CEST 2017

Dear Maintener,
> I have recently had a bad experience with the anova() function.
> Indeed, I wanted to process a deviance analysis between 2 mixed linear
> models and I was really surprise to see that depending on the ordre in
> which I gave my models, the function did not the same thing: once it
> makes the anova of the first model and in the other ordre, it makes a
> deviance analysis.
> I make lots of formations to researchers who are not always very
> comfortable either with R or with some statistical analysis and they
> were really very disturbed by that.
> Could this be possible to "secure" this anova function in order that
> it does the same thing whatever the order in which the models are given? 
> Hope I was clear enought and many thanks in advance for your regard
> about my question.
> Best regards, Sophie

Sophie Dubois
sophie.dubois at anastats.fr

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