[R] Setting .Rprofile for RStudio on a Windows 7 x64bit

Peter Dalgaard pdalgd at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 19:26:14 CEST 2017

> On 17 Apr 2017, at 19:01 , BR_email <br at dmstat1.com> wrote:
> Berend: Something looks good, but RStudio still Rprofile still doees not affect the launch.
>> source(echo=TRUE, "C:/Users/BruceRatner/Documents/.Rprofile.site")
>> options(prompt="R> ")
>> set.seed(12345)
>> rm(list=ls())
> R>
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> Berend Hasselman wrote:
>> source(echo=TRUE, ""C:/Users/BruceRatner/Documents/.Rprofile.site")

According to the gospel of St.Henrik, that filename is wrong, and possibly the directory too.

So try his suggestions. What is the output (show us!) of


Assuming that the former is 


you could try renaming the .Rprofile.site file to that. If need be, use file.rename, as in

file.rename(from="C:/Users/BruceRatner/Documents/.Rprofile.site", to="C:/Users/BruceRatner/Documents/.Rprofile")

(and restart, obviously).

[I wouldn't set the seed in a .Rprofile file, nor would I use rm() there, but that is a different kettle of fish.]

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