[R] A new <expletive deleted>-up?

Rolf Turner r.turner at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Apr 19 09:48:32 CEST 2017

Now that this mailing list seems to have managed to eliminate the malign 
influence of nabble, some clever Johnny seems to have come up with a new 
way to cloud the lines of communication.  I have started receiving 
r-help emails from r-help-archive at googlegroups.com.  It seems
that one cannot reply to this address --- at least I can't.  I tried a 
couple of times and got bounces.

However I just received from r-help at r-project.org a reply by Jeff 
Newmiller to one of the posts that I received  via "r-help-archive".  So 
it seems that *Jeff* can reply to these things.

So am I doing something wrong, or is "r-help-archive" messing things up 
for other people as well?  And if the latter, can something be done to 
remove its malign influence?


Rolf Turner

Technical Editor ANZJS
Department of Statistics
University of Auckland
Phone: +64-9-373-7599 ext. 88276

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