[R] Looking for a package to replace xtable

David L Carlson dcarlson at tamu.edu
Thu Apr 20 22:31:48 CEST 2017

#1 You can remove the rownames by adding the argument include.rownames=FALSE to print.xtable():

print.xtable(DECILE_TABLE, type="html",file="DecileTable.html", include.rownames=FALSE)

#2 Prevent data.frame from converting the first column to a factor and use NAs for the columns where you don't want totals:

dec_mean_wt_R_nRDL <- cbind(DECILE, dec_mean_wt_R_nRD, Cum_Lift, stringsAsFactors=FALSE)
dec_mean_wt_R_nRDL <- dec_mean_wt_R_nRDL[,c(1,3,4,9,8,10)]

  as.data.frame(matrix(c(colSums(dec_mean_wt_R_nRDL[ , 2:3]), rep(NA, 3)),nrow=1)))

Now the table should print without totals in the last three columns and no rownames.

attach is discouraged since it can lead to confusion when a variable name exists in the environment and in a data frame (or multiple data frames). It is easy to forget which version of the variable you are using. More typing, but less subject to confusion would be to use with(), eg:

Cum_RespRate          <- with(dec_mean_wt_R_nR, (Cum_R/Cum_n)*100)

This way it is always clear where Cum_R and Cum_n are coming from. In your code cum_R = Cum_R and cum_n = Cum_n so you could also use

Cum_RespRate          <- cum_R/cum_n)*100

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Below, code for generating a decile table.
I am using the xtable package, but it is not quite right for the output.
Issue #1. xtable inserts an unwanted column, before the first derived 
column DECILE
Issue #2. In the last line "Total" I manually sum all columns, even 
though I only want the sums for second and third columns.
If I calculate only second and third columns, the remaining columns 
would have NAs.
Either scenario is not desired.

Any suggestions, would be appreciated, for a package that addresses 
issue #1,
and has an option for summing the desired two columns.

Lastly, I read that one should rarely use "attach()", but if I don't the 
program will not run.
An explanation of why I need attach() would also be appreciated.

Response <- data.frame(Response=rbinom(50,1,0.2), yhat=runif(50))
Response <- Response[order(Response$yhat,decreasing=TRUE),]

Response[[2]] <- NULL

cum_R    <- cumsum(Response)
sam_size <- nrow(Response)

cum_n    <- seq(1:1,sam_size)
wt       <- rep(c(1), times=sam_size)
cum_wt   <- cumsum(wt)

dec      <- (cum_n/sam_size)
decc     <- floor((cum_n*10)/(sam_size+1))

dec_mean <- aggregate(Response, by=list(decc), mean)

dd_        <- data.frame(cum_R, sam_size, cum_wt, cum_n, decc)
dd  <- cbind(Response, dd_)
names(dd)[2] <- "cum_R"

dec_mean    <- aggregate(Response ~ decc, dd, mean)

wt         <- rep(c(1), times=sam_size)
cum_wt     <- aggregate(wt        ~ decc, dd, sum)
cum_R      <- aggregate(Response  ~ decc, dd, sum)

dec_mean_wt    <- cbind(dec_mean, cum_wt)
dec_mean_wt    <- dec_mean_wt[-3]

dec_mean_wt_R  <- cbind(dec_mean_wt, cum_R)
dec_mean_wt_R  <- dec_mean_wt_R[-4]

colnames(dec_mean_wt_R) <- c("Decile", "Resp_Rate", "No_Inds",

dec_mean_wt_R  <- dec_mean_wt_R[,c(1,3,4,2)]

cum_n        <- dec_mean_wt_R[2]
cum_n        <- cumsum(cum_n)

cum_R        <- dec_mean_wt_R[3]
cum_R        <- cumsum(cum_R)

dec_mean_wt_R_nR  <- cbind(dec_mean_wt_R, cum_n, cum_R)

colnames(dec_mean_wt_R_nR) <-
     c("Decile", "No_Inds", "No_Resp", "RespRate",
                 "Cum_n", "Cum_R")


Cum_RespRate          <- (Cum_R/Cum_n)*100

Decile_RespRate          <- (No_Resp/No_Inds)

dec_mean_wt_R_nRD  <- cbind(dec_mean_wt_R_nR, Cum_RespRate, Decile_RespRate)

avg_RR             <- dec_mean_wt_R_nRD[10,7]
Cum_Lift           <- (Cum_RespRate/avg_RR)*100

DECILE             <- c("top","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","bot")
dec_mean_wt_R_nRDL <- cbind(DECILE, dec_mean_wt_R_nRD, Cum_Lift)
dec_mean_wt_R_nRDL <- dec_mean_wt_R_nRDL[,c(1,3,4,9,8,10)]


decile_table <- dec_mean_wt_R_nRDLT

#Install the xtable package: install.packages("xtable")
#Load the xtable package:

DECILE_TABLE <-xtable(decile_table)

print.xtable(DECILE_TABLE, type="html",file="C:/R_Data/DecileTable.html")



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