[R] FOR TAKING PERCENTAGES of OTUS in each column (n=2910 COLUMNs)

Thilini Maddegoda Vidanelage tmad109 at aucklanduni.ac.nz
Tue Mar 7 02:16:16 CET 2017

I am analyzing a huge excel table with OTUs. In the table, I have 2910
columns and 365 rows.Each column represents one individual (n=2910). Rows
represent microbial species (n=365).
I have the total of all OTUs of microbial species under each column. Then I
need to get the percentages of each species in each individual.I started to
do this in excel but I have to repeat this for 2910 times which is going to
be very time-consuming.  I am sure there should be a smart way to do this
and just wondering whether there is any R script to do this.Any help is
much appreciated.
Many thanks, Thilini

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