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On Wed, 1 Aug 2018 17:40:54 +0200
Edoardo Silvestri <silvestri.casali using gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a database based on hourly data and I need to forecast next
> 24h of a single variable. I was thinking about applying an ARIMA
> model with some exogenous variables but I don't succeed to configure
> the hourly frequency, estimate ARIMA parameters, pdq ( exists some
> tests to check which parameters are better for the model?) and the
> structure of the model in its easy form because I would also like to
> introduce some seasonality form by analyzing some variables I
> highlighted some daily and weekly behaviours similar.
> I recognize that it could be quite difficult the problem but if you
> have also some useful links or some codes that can help me, please
> send me.
You are talking about analyzing data in a regular time series.  R has
wide ranging time series analysis packages.  I would suggest starting
with the basic package that comes with an R download and reading the
basic information associated with it.  You could also checkout Venables
and Ripley, _Modern Applied Statistics with S [which R is a dialect
of].  If this is a homework question, hit the books.


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