[R] ESS issue: lines moved right 40 spaces

Rich Shepard r@hep@rd @ending from @ppl-eco@y@@com
Thu Jul 26 19:22:30 CEST 2018

   I used to be subscribed to the ess SIG, but cannot find any saved messages
from that list and I cannot find it in the list of mail lists on the r-project
web site. So I'll ask here.

   Running ess-5.14 on emacs-25.3 I'm seeing a different behavior when I
write scripts than I had seen in the past. I would like to learn how to fix
this issue. I invoke ess using M-x R when I start emacs.

   When typing comments and pressing [Enter] at the end of the line to start
a new line, the row just left is inset to column 40 from column 0. Annoying
behavior, to be sure. This does not happen when I write a bash shell or
python script using emacs so it seems to be specific to R.

   All thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are welcome.


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