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It's method="lrt" and I used the "binom" package.

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On 09/14/2018 08:15 AM, Guo, Fang (Associate) wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a question with the function Binom.Confint(x,n,"method"=lrt).
> For likelihood ratio test, I'd like to ask how you define the upper 
> limit when the frequency of successes is zero. Thanks!

Point 1:  This question is inappropriate for this list, since it is about statistical theory and not about R syntax and programming.

Point 2: Where did you find the function Binom.Confint()?  I can find no such function anywhere.  I did manage to locate a function
binom.confint() (note the lower case "b" and "c") but it does not have an argument "method".  Please do not expect those whom you are addressing to be telepathic.

Point 3:  Having "method"=lrt in the call is decidedly weird.  Perhaps you meant method="lrt"; this is entirely different.


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