[R] Smallest Space Analysis (SSA) in R

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Sat Sep 22 12:49:02 CEST 2018

Hi Michael

This looks like it could be really helpful in moving my project forwards 
thank you.

I remember many years ago using (proprietary) software from the 
University of Liverpool which did a nice job of allowing regions to be 
defined, and then for the space to be rotated to obtain visual 
inspection of relative distance from different angles. I appreciate that 
smacof will not do that, but as long as the analysis allows for the 
graph to be plotted and analysed, that's what's important.

Thank you again, and to all of those who responded.

Best wishes

On 21/09/18 14:07, Michael Friendly wrote:
> Smallest space analysis (SSA) is just the name given to software 
> developed by Guttman & Lingoes around the time the various versions
> of multidimensional scaling were being developed.  Call it Israeli MDS
> or Falafel MDS if you prefer. The reason you encountered it in your
> course is presumably that the instructor was trained in that.
> There are several variants of MDS-like algorithms for embedding
> points representing objects in a space, using data representing
> similarities or distances among objects -- metric (cmdscale)
> and non-metric (MASS::isoMDS), using only rank order information, and 
> a variety of
> measures of goodness-of-fit ("stress").  I don't recall the details
> of the SSA programs, but that should matter little conceptually.
> The smacof package offers the widest array of possibilities.
> -Michael
> On 9/19/2018 7:00 AM, Andrew wrote:
>> Hi
>> As part of my forensics psych course, we have been introduced to
>> Guttman's smallest space analysis (SSA). I want to explore this approach
>> using R, but despite finding some queries on the web about this same
>> thing, have yet to find any answers. The MASS package doesn't seem to do
>> the job, and the only thing I have been able to find is some proprietary
>> software HUDAP  (Hebrew University Data Analysis Package) which may/ not
>> be compatible with R (or GNU/Linux for that matter).
>> Does anyone have information on how to do SSA using R?
>> Many thanks
>> Andrew
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