[R] Debugging Rmarkdown

Patrick Connolly p_conno||y @end|ng |rom @||ng@hot@co@nz
Thu Apr 18 11:52:25 CEST 2019

I have a function that works in ESS, but it fails if I include it in
an .Rmd file that I tried to knit using Rstudio.  I found advice at:

It seems to be not referring to markdown files.  Somewhere else
suggested calling render() in the console pane.  I tried that.  The
browser() function interrupts correctly, but I can't find out what the
object zzz in the code below looks like.  Nothing prints the way it
would in a "normal" R buffer.

code outline:  making zzz out of two dataframes xx and yy

    zzz <- NULL
    for(i in xx$Sample){
        raw.i <- <stuff> 

        etc. etc.

        zzz <- rbind(zzz, wide.i)

    names(zzz) <- c("Cultivar", "Test", "Change")
That line fails, with a complaint about zzz being NULL.

It appears as though the rbind doesn't do anything, but I can't see
what wide.i looks like to get an idea what could be the cause.  

Ideas what I should try are welcome.  I have no idea why the code
works in an R environment but not an Rmd one.

platform       x86_64-pc-linux-gnu         
arch           x86_64                      
os             linux-gnu                   
system         x86_64, linux-gnu           

Rstudio Version 1.1.383

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